Karma Refugees

After a while we started to think we needed to give a name to the group of song-makers had that gathered each of the last several years to write, play and record songs.  Tom, Kathee and I had been members of The One Drop, a college-town reggae band.  Our first original and consistently performed song was “Karma Refugee.”  We played it every time we played.

Opitz, “Karma Refugee,” The One Drop, prod. Gary Neyers, Uberaffe Records, 1998.

Caitlin, Mike and Tom in the Maltshop—Karma Refugees.

Caitlin, Mike and Tom

We named ourselves after the song.

The Karma Refugees

Dr. Thomas C. Daddesio, Slippery Rock (PA) University, is a founding member of The One Drop—a reggae band from central Minnesota that played at venues around The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University in the 1990’s.

Dr. Michael J. Opitz, The College of St. Benedict, is a founding member of The One Drop.  Mike stayed with the band through the 1990’s until it broke up in 1998.

Kathleen (Regan) Downes was a lead vocalist for The One Drop.

Caitlin Brutger became a Karma Refugee in the winter of 2010.

Along with visits from other friends, and musicians including : Matt Gaffey (guitar), Norb Jost, (guitar, harmonica, saxophone), Lou Jost (vocal), Stephanie Franzen (violin)

With assistance of Adam Konczewski, College of St. Benedict media specialist, we have emerged in 2009 as a multi-media recording project, The Karma Refugees.